The Lagoon Nebula, (M8) and the young star cluster NGC 6530 (center left) are 
located in the constellation of Sagittatius, 5,000 LY from our solar system.  This nebula
is a huge cloud of gas and dust and the birth place of new stars.  These young energetic stars
ionize the surrounding Hydrogen gas, which causes it to emit light.  Estimates vary, but the
full extent of this nebula is well over 59 LY across.                               (Messier 8)

July 14, 2007
WO ZS 105mm f/7 Apo Refractor - Baader IR Filter
Canon Digital Rebel 300D / Modified (Hap Griffin)
85 Minute / 17x300s @ 800ASA
Manually guided on a 14" Meade LX200
Skyhawk Observatory, West Bend, WI
Rick Kazmierski

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