The Crab Nebula, M1 is the best known and brightest supernova in recorded history.  Observed
 by Chinese Astronomers in 1054 AD, it was so bright as to be visible in the daytime.  It has now
expanded to a diameter of 10 LY and a neutron star (pulsar) has been identified as the remnant of the
original star.  It is located in the constellation of Taurus and is 6,000 LY distant from Earth.  (Messier 1)

 November 8, 2010
8" Astro-Tech RC, f/8
Canon Digital Rebel 500D / Modified (Hutech)
130 Minutes / 13x600s @ 800ASA
Orion StarShoot AutoGuider
Skyhawk Observatory, West Bend, WI
Rick Kazmierski

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