M65 (Upper right), M66 (Lower right), and NGC3628 (lower left) are spiral galaxies
comprising the group known as the Leo Triplett.  Located in the constellation of Leo,
they lie 35 million LY from Earth.  The twisted appearance of M66 indicates external
gravitational disturbance in the past, probably from neighboring galaxies.  M65 is
60,000 LY across its long axis, while M66 is only 50,000 LY across.

Date:           February 21, 2007
Optics:  WO ZS 105mm f/7 Apo Refractor - Baader IR Filter 
Camera:  Canon Digital Rebel 300D /  Modified (Hap Griffin)
Exposure:  60 Minutes / 12x300s @ 800ASA 
Guiding:  Manually guided on a 14" Meade LX200
Location:  Skyhawk Observatory, West Bend, WI
Photo By: Rick Kazmierski

Messier 65, Messier 66, NGC3628

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